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Eliza's No-Sweat Summer Bra

My mom bought it for me.

Sometimes, when hanging with a group of lady friends, the subject of conversation turns to bras or the nightmare that is bra shopping. My contribution to the conversation is usually piping up toward the end, "I wear training bras! My mom buys them!" 

The bit may be getting old, but it's the truth. The small-chested daughter of a small-chested lady, I quit wearing those underwire "t-shirt" bras they sell at Victoria's Secret the day my mom introduced me to the world of lacy, tasteful bralets. I think that was Christmas morning, 2011.

Despite my mother being the most practical of Land's End-wearing New England women, she does have a knack for hunting down great everyday lingerie, which she then gives me on holidays. I swear, it's less weird than it sounds. 

One of my favorite bras, which she obviously also owns, is this racerback from Free People. It's sporty and cool enough that in the summer I'm tempted to wear it out of the house on its own. It's also breathable as hell, owing partly to the lightweight fabric and partly to the fact that the back is fishnet. I particularly like it in white, since the clean lines look rad with a tan, but black is another worthy option. 

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I think my mom owns it in blue. So, see, we do have some differences in lingerie taste.

Fishnet Racer Back Bra, $28, available at Free People.

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