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Nordstrom Makes Its Instagram Shoppable

The question, of course, is: When will Instagram just make ITSELF shoppable?

With vintage shops like the Brooklyn-based Fox & Fawn using Instagram to auction off clothing and brands bringing advertising campaigns to the photo-sharing platform, it's long been clear that the app is a great vehicle for commerce. Back in May, Vogue made its own Instagram shoppable by partnering up with, a branch of the popular affiliate program RewardStyle, which is also used by many style bloggers. But, it's still not a direct avenue for making purchases.

Nordstrom is the latest retailer to carve out a circuitous route to making sales via Instagram. The company has partnered up with the marketing company Curalate to launch a new platform called Like2Buy, which Nordstrom will be the first retailer to use. (Yes, startups could potentially look for a little more variation in their names, but no matter.)

The path to purchase goes a little something like this: The Instagram user sees a product they like on Nordstrom's feed, goes to Nordstrom's profile, clicks the link at the top of it and is then transported to a gallery of featured products which they can click to buy through 

Yeah, it's a mouthful and way too many steps for mobile — especially in light of apps like Spring launching to make shopping by phone dead easy. But with few easy alternatives for shopping on Instagram, it's the best retailers can do to capitalize on their photo feeds. works by sending users an email for every shoppable photo they like. Not terribly seamless, either.

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