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Pamela Anderson Got Oddly High Fashion This Week

Wait, wut.

Despite man's best efforts to understand his place in this vast nothingness we call the universe, some mysteries will remain out of reach, likely forever. Why, for instance, does Adam Brody look so delightful in a black turtleneck? Maybe he's just a handsome man. Who's to say, really?

The latest puzzle: Pamela Anderson's one-two punch of appearances in CR Fashion Book and the Palm Beach-based quarterly print magazine No Tofu. Wait, wut? Yeah. Scientists have no idea what's going on either, probably because most of them don't read fashion blogs.

CR Fashion Book put Anderson in the pages of its fifth issue as an "unlikely icon" alongside Eurovision star Conchita Wurst, Gigi Hadid and infant North West. Given the insane popularity of Moschino's fast food-themed fall 2014 collection, perhaps it's fitting that magazines would give the editorial treatment to other symbols of lowbrow American culture.

Of course, it's not like Anderson is a newbie to the fashion scene. Back in February, she got a spread in Purple, which included one very full-frontal shot of the actress splayed across a faux-fur stole. So, not terribly far off from her stints as a Playboy Playmate or a Baywatch babe. 

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Carine Roitfeld cast Anderson as a bombshell from days past, but retained her signature brows, tan, frosted lips and overt hotness, No Tofu recreated the star as some kind of Stepford Wife/Kit Kittredge (1930s American Girl Doll and pre-teen reporter) amalgam. And that's where we sit up and take notice.

With Anderson, a boob is just another boob. A Peter Pan collar is like... damn

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