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Eliza's Ready for Fall With This Cozy Puffer

I'm bringing L.L. Bean back.

The last few days have had that late August semi-chill — the kind of low humidity afternoon when, as you step into the shade cast by a building, you realize that fall is right around the corner. All of a sudden you're 11 years old again and your first impulse is to go flip through the L.L. Bean catalogue looking for back to school fashions because this is your year to shine, dammit!

No? Just me? Regardless, this throwback feeling led me to L.L. Bean's website, and that's where I found this kickass puffer. Perfectly plain. Super functional. East Coaster heaven.

To ward off the chill this fall, I fully intend to layer this vest with an oversized black hoodie, some skinny jeans and sneakers. Maybe a beanie. I'm feeling cozy just thinking about all the ways I am going to be cozy come autumn. Come at me, cold.

Goose Down Vest, $79, available at L.L. Bean

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