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Let Rashida Jones Show You How to Wear Leather on Leather

And not look like an extra from 'The Matrix.'
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We all know the Canadian tuxedo, but are you familiar with the Italian tuxedo? Similar to the Canadian iteration, the Italian tuxedo involves a coordinating jacket and trousers, but instead of denim, they are made of leather. Yes, leather

Now while your mind is saying "Heavens, no!" to the idea of doubling up on leather, take a look at Rashida Jones's cool outfit at a New Balance and James Jeans powered by ISKO event last night in Los Angeles. The actress paired a leather jacket with a striped sweater and, yup, leather leggings. But far from looking like a club promoter in Milan, Jones looked extremely chic. 

The secret is to pick stylized silhouettes, like Jones's oversized moto jacket and skinny pants, and pair them with toned-down pieces and subtle accessories. Plus, keeping your look mostly monochrome (save for some accent shoes) helps eliminate any unwanted references that an all-leather look might conjure up. 

Also, we have to commend Jones on not only being daring enough to try out a double leather look, but to also do it while wearing an ankle bracelet. You do you, Rashida, and we'll try to do you too if that's cool. 

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