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Rebecca Minkoff to Let Instagram Fans Pick Her Runway Looks

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So long as Rebecca Minkoff is showing at New York Fashion Week, you can be sure there will be some sort of unique digital initiative or social media twist to engage fans. Last season, the designer released behind-the-scenes content on video app Keek; the season before, she became the first fashion brand to release content through Snapchat; and this season she's using good ol' Instagram.

In the interest of appealing to her millennial fans, most of whom will not be at her NYC show, Minkoff is inviting them to get involved with the preparation process. Next Tuesday, Sept. 2, she will post two looks styled from her spring 2015 collection, which is scheduled to show the following Friday. Followers will be asked to vote on their favorite look. The look with the least likes will be eliminated from the show, just like that.

The aim, we're told, is to allow consumers to "have a hand in creating what her new collection will be." (Of course, the omission of one look won't significantly impact the collection overall, and the individual items making up the look will likely still end up in the collection, just styled differently, a spokesperson for the label says.) Still, it's a good fan engagement tactic, especially because the initiative is so simple: How complicated is it to simply like a runway look you see on an app you already have and use frequently?

Social media and tech initiatives are now part of Minkoff's brand DNA, and generally, it's important for any brand to engage with consumers in some way since they're the ones who will be buying the clothes. But as there continues to be pressure for brands to come up with new strategies in that respect, we can't help but wonder if they'll soon run out of ideas.

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