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Military Servicewomen Are Coming to NYFW

A not-for-profit fashion show aims to help military servicewomen figure out what to wear as civilians.

There may be a few too many shows during New York Fashion Week, but this is one we can get behind. On September 3 (technically the day before NYFW officially starts) the organization Fatigues to Fabulous is hosting a runway show to raise awareness for U.S. military servicewomen and the difficulties they have transitioning back to civilian life.

Fifteen female veterans and active-duty members of the military will participate in Salute the Runway, a proper runway show at Lincoln Center that will not be open to the public.

Salute the Runway was launched in June to recognize and help military servicewomen figure out their wardrobes once fatigues and boots are no longer appropriate. It's already put on small shows at various military bases, but this is legit. Not only will brands like DKNY, Calvin Klein and Norisol Ferrari be donating clothes for the ladies to wear (little black dresses, specifically, as Little Black Dress Wines is a sponsor), but IMG plans to coach them on the art of walking a runway. Professional makeup artists will give them practical tips for doing their makeup in real life.

While the event itself won't raise money for the organization, people will be able to donate money through Shout, a social donation platform, beginning Sept. 3.

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We're not sure if the event will create as big a splash as something like the Heart Truth Red Dress Collection show, which annually features celebrities like the Jenner sisters, Wendy Williams and Denise Richards as models, all to raise awareness for heart disease. But Salute the Runway does have the support of some high-profile brands, and we like the idea of using the fashion week machine to promote something bigger than just fashion, even if there aren't C-list celebrities involved.