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Goop Gets Sued, Sarah Rutson Leaves Lane Crawford

News to read before heading out on your long weekend.

After 21 years with the company, Sarah Rutson is leaving Hong Kong retailer Lane Crawford. The sometime-street style star is leaving her role as fashion director and choosing instead to "pursue new personal opportunities.” Whatever those are, we bet she'll be dressed wonderfully. {WWD, subscription required}

One might say that this is quite the Goop-y mess (Sorry, I'm sorry!): Gwyneth Paltrow is being sued by author Charles Platkin, who claims that her newsletter Goop stole the name "Diet Detective" from him. We want to help Gwennie so we've come up with a few alternatives. She could try Gluten Sleuth, or the Saccherinvestigator. Or she could just eat burgers like the rest of us. {NY Post}

Remember Hard Candy, the nail polish that came with those cool jelly rings you were basically obsessed with in the '90s? Well, founder Dineh Mohajer is back with a new nail polish concept, Smith & Cult. The cool side is that each color comes with a backstory. The not cool side? There's no jelly ring. Come on, Dineh. {WWD, subscription required}

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