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Wolves Are September Magazines' Favorite Trend

If Rihanna and Lara Stone are doing it ... you'll want to too?

Out of all the trends we expected to come into style this fall, wolves definitely wasn't one of them. But canines co-star in two major editorials from September glossies: one in W starring Rihanna and the other in Vogue UK with Lara Stone

In W, RiRi wears furs, face pant and thigh-high boots to lounge on an Oriental rug alongside two wolves on the prowl. Lara Stone is similarly indoors in Vogue UK, also sitting on an elaborate rug with two furry friends. Let's remember that Stone's editorial was also styled by Kate Moss, who came up with the fairytale concept herself. 

Is there something in the water making wolves extra-appealing to the creative set? If yes, let's all agree it was probably put there by a witch. 

(In all seriousness, Dolce & Gabbana's fall 2014 collection show -- which opened with a Little Red Riding Hood in an elaborate red fur cloak -- probably had a lot to do with the wolf inspo this September.)

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