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We're Kind of Obsessed With Spanx Jeans

Can we call them Janx?

Welcome to Fitness Week! All week long we'll be posting stories about fitness, with a distinctly Fashionista spin. 

Indeed, it is Fitness Week here at Fashionista, and as someone who doesn't really work out or diet, I didn't think I'd have much to contribute, until I was given the opportunity to test drive a pair of Spanx's new jeans. What follows is the laziest of alternatives to exercise and dieting: Wearing $148 jeans that allegedly make you look skinnier.

I don't really wear shapewear, or feel that I necessarily need it except for when I wear a particularly unforgiving dress, but no one looks good in all jeans, so I jumped at the chance to try a pair promising "patent-pending hidden shaping features that create a perky rear and all-around slimming fit," according to the brand's PR. Because why not? And also because in photos, the jeans looked far less embarrassing than, well, the name "Spanx" (which thankfully is not visible anywhere on the denim).

Lauren Indvik and I both tried a pair of the Slim-X Skinny jeans and were each pleasantly surprised by how much we liked them, especially after reading Robin Givhan's less than flattering review.

My Take:

My biggest concern was the overall aesthetic of the jeans. I'm not going to wear a pair of jeans I don't think looks cool just because they happen to suck in all my fat. Fortunately, they were more than presentable -- your average dark denim skinnies with very subtle whiskering at the upper thigh with a high -- but not mom jean high -- waist.

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The second-most important quality, on which Spanx delivered, is how the jeans felt. They are super comfortable. I generally judge denim comfort based on whether or not I would wear them on a plane. These, I would. They have stretch, but somehow it's a firm stretch that keeps the jeans from losing their shape -- I'm currently half way through my second day wearing them, and they don't look or feel much different from the first time I put them on. They also don't look anything like jeggings.

And yes, they are very flattering. Did they make me look 10 lbs thinner? No. Did they make my stomach look flatter than it actually is? Absolutely. My whole midsection, including my hips and bum, feels sucked in and shaped without looking sucked in, the way I might look if I tried to squeeze into jeans that are too small for me, and there is no muffin top whatsoever. Another feature I love: The pockets are made out of stretchy fabric, so you can't see their outline on the front of the jeans. Overall, the experience is like wearing an exceptionally comfortable, extremely flattering pair of jeans, and way more fun than exercising.

Lauren's Take:

Make no mistake: These are jeans, not magical unicorns. That said, for jeans, they are pretty exceptional. They are very flattering -- in fact, I'd say they're the most flattering jeans I've ever put on -- with well-placed pockets in the back and with just the right amount of shaping in the hips. And yet they're also incredibly stretchy and comfortable, like leggings.

There are, IMO, only two things to be desired: One, I wish they offered the same shaping effects in the thighs as the hips -- I mainly turn to Spanx for slimming in that area. Two, and this is just personal preference, I didn't love the look of mine, which were semi-dark with whiskering around the thighs (the same as Dhani's). I generally prefer more vintage styles and detailing or, if the style is contemporary, a very dark wash with no whiskering.

Conclusion: I'm definitely going to buy these in black for fall.

Spanx jeans are available in The Signature and Slim-X in straight and skinny silhouettes, in a variety of washes for $148 at Spanx stores and at