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Taylor Swift's New Video: A Definitive Ranking of the Looks

From "most Taylor" to "not at all Taylor."

It's a widely accepted fact across the world that Mondays are terrible, but thanks to Taylor Swift, this one just got a whole lot brighter. During a live stream on Yahoo, the 24-year-old not only revealed the cover art for her new album "1989," due out on October 27, she dropped the video for her next single "Shake It Off," which is everything we could have hoped for. 

The video, which looks to be a hybrid between an episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" and an Old Navy commercial, features Swift dancing awkwardly (yet adorably) through a wide variety of scenarios that include, but are not limited to: A ballet class, a pep rally and a breakdance battle à la "Step Up 2: The Streets." Seriously, it's a bit hard to follow. 

To go with each form of dancing, Swift wears a different outfit, naturally. So, without further ado, we bring you the definitive ranking of the looks in the singer's "Shake It Off" video. Yes, spoiler alert, it goes pretty south at the end.

The Cat Sweater

This is so sweet and perfectly Taylor that we are not surprised that she chose this look to open the video. 

Update: Turns out, it's a sweater from Aritzia's spring/summer 2014 collection. 

The Cheerleader

We don’t think that the singer was a cheerleader in high school (or if she even went to normal high school) but man can she dress the part. Swift should wear this outfit for every Halloween for the rest of her life.

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The Beatnik

This all-black look with a bold red lip is classically Taylor. She should wear this in her next Keds campaign.

The Ballerina

Swift goes all "White Swan" on us for a few frames of the video, and we like it -- except maybe the moves.

The Ribbon Dancer

This blue rhinestone look is half-gymnast, half-child star ... so basically how we imagine Swift to be IRL.

“Gap Body,” or Interpretive Dance

The hardcore leotards should probably be left to the professional modern dancers.

The Breakdancer

 Because cool people only wear the colors red, white or black. What is this, Miley Cyrus's "23" video?

The Rapper? 

We think she's trying to channel Swizz Beatz or Future here but we can't really tell. 

Lady Gaga

 Not the best Gaga impersonation we've ever seen. Sorry, Tay.

The Chola

 Well, it wouldn’t be a pop video without a little bit of cultural appropriation, right? Also: knee pads.