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Taylor Swift Looked Better Than Ever Last Night

We're impressed. For real.

It's kind of difficult to say with confidence that Taylor Swift is a style icon. Her taste is, for the most part, referential: Of princesses, of the Kennedys, of old Hollywood starlets. It's not a bad thing, necessarily. She's very good at looking good.

So we're pleased to say that Swiftie knocked our socks off in a big way on Tuesday morning, when photos from the premiere of her new movie, "The Giver," landed in the Fashionista inbox. Now, her red and blush Monique Lhuillier dress, paired with matching red lipstick and blush heels, is not the most daring or breathtaking thing we've ever seen on the red carpet. But Swift wins because it is the best version of Taylor Swift we have ever seen on the red carpet. 

Tay is prone to getting cutesy with her clothing choices. There's the Porkpie hats. And the Peter Pan collars, the headbands, a structured handbag hung over a limp wrist. There's the Oxford heels she maybe never removes from her feet (excepting last night). That's why this look is so great: It's elegant and conservative, just as Swift likes, and it's simple. The clean, modern cut at the top meshes perfectly with the flow of her skirt (which, if we're going to overanalyze, is a mirror image of her sideswept hair). These lines make excellent use of Swift's supermodel frame. 

In fact, this look is many ways a better iteration of blush-hued Swift's Met Ball look, which she also complemented with red lipstick. So, Taylor, take notes from yourself and do this again. 

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