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Dry Texture Spray Is Going to Become Your Hair's New Best Friend

No, it's not like beach spray.

It's all about braids and beach waves everywhere you look these days. Everyone wants undone, cool-girl hair, as displayed by the likes of Emma Stone, Alexa Chung and Gisele. Since most of us don't have famous hair stylists at our beck and call, upping your hair product game is essential for the care and maintenance of this look. For the past few months, a steady stream of dry texture sprays has been coming over my threshold. After receiving the fourth one in two months, I knew it couldn't be a coincidence. 

Now, when I say "texture spray," you probably think of the often-coconuty, sometimes sticky beach and salt sprays that have been perennially popular ever since Bumble and Bumble released its Surf Spray a few years ago. Welp, you'd be wrong. If dry shampoo -- that other product offered by pretty much every brand out there now and a new classic in its own right -- and beach spray had a steamy summer romance, their love child would be dry texture spray. It's sort of like Brad and Angelina: Two perfect specimens yield an even cooler hybrid product. (Seriously, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is awesome.) 

Dry texture spray generally comes in a metal can, and sprays in a fine, dry mist that leaves absolutely no residue, unlike dry shampoo. It's not necessarily a new product category. Oscar Blandi, widely credited with popularizing dry shampoo when he released his many years ago, has offered a texture spray for a while. But now there are suddenly tons to choose from. After receiving Shu Uemura's new Texture Wave Dry Finishing Spray -- which smells predictably divine, like all of the brand's products -- I asked Shu Artist Stephanie Belly from Metropolis Spa & Salon a few questions about how to use this spray. 

First and foremost, it's a versatile product. "You are able to achieve any looks you want without weighing down your hair," Belly says. "Texturizing sprays work for any hair type. You can spray all over by lifting larger sections and spraying throughout to create that textured, voluminous look or in concentrated areas for sturdy hold or a more defined look." It's also great for beach waves, second day hair, texturized ponytails, and braiding -- basically any time you need a little rough volume. I've used it to pump up my hair a bit on days I dry it straight, and to help hold my waves when I air dry. Here are six I've vetted -- they're all great:

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