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The Wall Group Is Hiring An Executive Assistant to CEO (NYC)

TO APPLY: Please send your resume and cover letter to Caitlin at

The Wall Group is a fully integrated agency that focuses on providing its talent with the most effective and well-executed representation. With offices in both New York and Los Angeles, the agency has grown to represent fashion stylists, hairstylists, makeup artists, production designers and motion DPs. From editorial, advertising or commercial bookings to long-term contractual engagements in the fashion, entertainment or endorsement arena, our artists benefit from unrivaled professionalism and contacts with both high fashion and celebrity clientele.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:


· Discretion, professionalism, and confidentiality are absolute priorities when working with the CEO. Balancing friendly warm relationships with all staff members, artists/talent, clients, and vendors is sometimes challenging, however this will be your responsibility when working under the CEO. Your knowledge of confidential information about The Wall Group and its business dealings on every level is never to be shared or discussed unless instructed to do so by the CEO.

· Attend all staff meetings and take solid notes in the CEO’s absence, then download the CEO directly and verbally about the discussions and productivity level of the meetings.

· Read artist contracts and discuss points with the CEO and legal counsel

· Liaise between financial officers, executives and staff in both New York and Los Angeles offices.

· Assist executives of TWG with human resources and staffing needs, and general company operations and management as necessary.

· Debrief the CEO after all meetings and conference calls. Download all information, create a list of action items, and send follow up emails on the CEO’s behalf.

· Have a clear understanding of how all departments at The Wall Group operate, and all the positions and roles for every employee within each department.

· Fundamental knowledge of social media and e-commerce, and how it applies to The Wall Group and the CEO.

· Manage and oversee the CEO’s housekeeper on a daily basis. Some personal errands will be assigned to and required of you.


· Stay on top of industry news and events, fashion, design, and travel: pull newspaper and magazine articles to brief the CEO on current events and trends, constantly monitoring fashion, beauty and pop culture markets and maintain up to the minute knowledge of what goes on in our industry.

· Research appropriate gift ideass, new florists, wine deliveries, chocolate trends, tabletop books (availability, price points, deliveries, etc)

· Research current travel trends and how airlines operate regarding points etc.

· Extensive research on many different business fronts, whether product research or company information, including identifying decision makers within various companies.

· Research and maintain list of best new restaurants, cool/hip hotels, industry events, gallery openings.


· Coordinate with the IT department to ensure all of the CEO’s technology, applications and handheld devices are current, operating correctly and up to date at ALL times.

· Alert IT to any / all of the CEOs international and domestic travel plans. Make sure her technology is working and up to date and that she has proper adapters and chargers whenever traveling.

· Oversee phone log, move calls, roll calls. Learn our phone system inside and out. You should also make recommendations about how to improve certain WG systems whether relating to technology or phones, etc. So keep a general eye out at all times for new innovative products, software and ideas for how to improve communication systems.

· Manage the CEO’s iTunes accounts: Music, books, and magazine downloads etc.


· Open the CEO’s office and yours each morning and keep the CEO’s and your offices in immaculate, clean order at all times.

· Prioritize incoming calls, emails and to do lists, and help the CEO to complete those tasks and create a fresh To-Do list each day for both yourself and the CEO. (this should be completed before leaving the office each night).

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· Organize and update passwords for technology.

· Office files must be chronologically organized, vetted and purged on a regular, monthly basis.

· Keep address book / contacts maintained and updated: add the CEO’s new contacts to her Outlook database on a daily basis and ensure all new employees and artists are entered immediately upon hire or signing with the agency.


· Make sure the CEO is on time and prepared for all appointments, events and meetings – reminding one hour prior to any activties.

· Maintain and update the CEO’s calendar, events and obligations.


· Coordinate scheduling and travel for personal and business commitments (recognize that when someone travels there is the potential for hiccups and always be prepared to stay three steps ahead).

· Car service and arrangements with garage and driver, airport, industry events, appointments, out of town meetings.

· Keep all travel information current and up to date and track rewards points, etc.

· Make sure the CEO is prepared and ready to leave town; travel itinerary, boarding passes, car service, passport, etc.


· Assertive/ Commanding

· Organized

· Detail Oriented

· Resourceful (No rock unturned should be your motto BEFORE approaching the CEO with questions)

· Effective Communicator (Inter office, to media & clients)

· Follow-through

· Be comfortable taking initiative

· Ability to finesse difficult personalities and situations

· Intuitiveness (always having an awareness of a room and know when to/to not ask questions)

· Alert (constant awareness of what is going on for The Wall Group as a whole and most importantly the CEO)

· Must present well and professional at all times

· Gate Keeper (knowing how to keep staff, talent and clients at bay in a non- combative, friendly manner)

· Problem Solver (there are only solutions, never problems, please refrain from bringing issues to the CEO unless you have exhausted every possible solution first)

· Global Thinker (realize that we work with artists and clients all over the world, and we want to expand on that)

TO APPLY: Please send your resume and cover letter to Caitlin at