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Thomas Pink Wins Major Suit Against Victoria's Secret in Europe

The lingerie brand's use of the word "Pink" was found to be an infringement of the luxury clothing brand's trademarks.

For over a year, luxury shirting brand Thomas Pink has been locked in a contentious court battle with Victoria's Secret over the retailer's use of the word "PINK" on its clothing and in its branding — specifically in the UK and throughout Europe. On Thursday, the London High Court ruled in its favor, and Victoria's Secret will no longer be able to sell or promote its PINK collection in the same geographical territory as Thomas Pink.

Pink, which is backed by LVMH, filed a complaint on the basis that its shoppers would think the two labels are somehow related, though the target customer is vastly different— PINK is aimed at college-aged girls, while Pink is for an older, more monied demographic.

According to Bloomberg, Judge Colin Birss ruled in a written decision that Thomas Pink costumers might be confused by the Victoria's Secret line of the same name, which is known for its "sexy, mass-market appeal." In addition, if shoppers associate the two, the underwear line could damage the reputation of Thomas Pink's brand.

In a statement we received from the label, Thomas Pink’s President and CEO Jonathan Heilbron says, “We are delighted with the outcome of this case, and will continue to protect the considerable investment that has been made into building Thomas Pink into a leading luxury clothing brand.”

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Luckily for Victoria's Secret, there are no stand-alone PINK stores located in the territory in question, so it will not have to shut down any locations. Interestingly enough, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show — which always has a colorful, cutesy PINK segment — will be held in London for the first time ever this year.