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Victoria's Secret Is Not Selling $16,000 Tickets to Its Fashion Show

The catalog is free. Just saying.

Update: A rep for the brand has sent us the following: "Victoria’s Secret does not sell tickets to our invitation-only show and does not authorize any third-party agent to sell tickets on our behalf. The only way to obtain tickets is by special invitation or through charitable contributions to pre-approved non-profit organizations," said Sharen Jester Turney, president and chief executive officer of Victoria’s Secret.

Every year, millions worldwide tune into the extravaganza that is the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Typically attended by fashion insiders and celebrities, this year's show will allegedly be opened up to insiders -- but oh, will it cost you.

The Telegraph reports that UK-based Cornucopia Events is selling two different packages for the upcoming show, which will be held in London for the first time. If you just want tickets, you can plunk down £9,995 -- just over $16,600 at current exchange. A VIP pass, however, which includes access to the after party, will cost you £11,995 (a whopping $19,931.25). 

As they haven't even announced the lineup of performers yet -- past years have featured Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber -- you're essentially paying to see the catalog come to life. Which is fine if that's what you're into! They come for free to your home here in the States, and the whole thing is televised, but we're not going to judge you. Much. 

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We do have a few questions, though: For one, the price is extremely high and the money doesn't seem to go to any sort of good cause. And, really, how many people are there willing to drop nearly $20k to just party with Victoria's Secret Angels? (...Maybe don't answer that.) Typically, there are two shows (they do it twice for filming purposes): For which are you potentially purchasing tickets? Do you get free drink vouchers for the after party? Can you just lend us the $20k instead? 

We've reached out to Victoria's Secret for comment and will update when we hear back.