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A Love Letter to 'W' Magazine's September Fashion Spread

We're fangirling hard over here.

Magazines all over the world tend to pull out the big guns when it comes to their September issues, making them inherently special to those of us who love fashion. While browsing the month's glossies that have been released so far, there's one editorial that's stopped us dead in our tracks and completely melted our hearts: W magazine's "Super Normal Super Models" story, shot by Mert and Marcus and styled by Edward Enninful.  

The spread features an ensemble cast of the decade's most iconic models — Kate Moss, Raquel Zimmermann, Daria Werbowy, Lara Stone and more — in the coziest fall clothes that are heavy on the plaid, mohair and '90s nostalgia. Basically, we want to wear all of this come fall and we wish we could be part of this high fashion girl gang. Here are some of the Fashionista team's first thoughts upon seeing the story:

"The main, manic thought that raced through my mind as I was clicking through the photos of this spread was: 'F*CK I DID HIGH SCHOOL WRONG.' (I mean, high school as done by a 30-year-old supermodel, but whatever.) It's impossible to pick a favorite anything here, but IF I HAD TO, it would be Daria in that Diesel sweatshirt, Sacai skirt and Doc Martens. No wait. Daria in that oxblood mohair dress. No wait. Everyone in their little white briefs and black boots. Yeah. That one." —Eliza

"That photo of them all lined up against the fence is basically my dream fall #aesthetic. I just want to spend the entire season swaddled in turtlenecks, mohair, tights and ALL of the black. When I wake up and get dressed in the morning next season, I am going to think of this editorial." —Tyler

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"It's basically impossible to pick one model to fan-girl out over because they are all among the coolest models of the past 10 years. The only thing making me a little sad is that W secured the most iconic cast of models maybe ever... and then put Rihanna on the cover. Sorry RiRi fans, but Kate Moss, Lara Stone and Daria Werbowy sold W covers in the past — and they can do it again." —Steff

"Anna Ewers, you're my dream girl. Also, I really want Daria's haircut, and her navel ring is giving me Fiona Apple circa 'Criminal' vibes, which I love." —Alyssa

Sadly, there aren't too many fashion editorials that we immediately want to tear out and plaster all over our walls these days, but this is one that had all of us getting truly exited — and in some cases (hi, Eliza) a little emotional. Thanks again to W for our ultimate fall inspiration.