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10 Perfect Yoga Mat/Nail Polish Combinations (We're Serious)

Because you spend a lot of time contemplating your hands and feet during yoga.

Welcome to Fitness Week! All week long we'll be posting stories about fitness, with a distinctly Fashionista spin.

While mid-downward dog the other day, I was pleasantly surprised (and briefly distracted) to discover that the light purple shade of my Pixi Wakeup Wisteria mani was a nice complement to the earthy teal hue of my sticky mat. Which was a better reaction than that time I realized mid-child’s pose that my OPI Amazon Amazoff was an exact match to my mat. For some reason I felt like the unintentional color coordination was a matchy-matchy faux pas or something. 

If you haven’t guessed by now, my mind tends to wander during my vinyasa sessions. So it came to me — why not make a game out of creating harmonious trifectas of manicure, pedicure and yoga mat colors? If anything, the colorful aesthetics would make those forward bending paschimottanasanas and wobbly half moon poses a little less torturous. 

Okay fine, so the basic principles of yoga probably don’t include such vanity, but whatever helps you make the most out of your practice, right? [Ed.note: Based on all the verrrry stylized yoga Instagrams out there, I'd say this fits in perfectly.] And, if anything, this is just an excuse to look at some really impressive yoga mat designs and gorgeous nail polishes for fall. 

Namaste. Bonus points for painting your nails while in lotus. 

1. The Coachella

Mat: La Vie Boheme Yoga The Warrior yoga mat in lavender, $83, available at La Vie Boheme Yoga.

Mani: Nails Inc. Isle of Wight Festival polish, $11, available at Ulta.

Pedi: Priti NYC Polish Spirit, $15, available at Priti NYC.

2. The Carpet

Mat: Magic Carpet yoga mat in turquoise, $98, available at Anthropologie.

Mani: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in 180 Rosey Riviter, $10, available at CVS.

Pedi: Obsessive Compulsive Shimmer in Ivy Green, $10, available at OCC.

3. The Dark Side of the Moon

Mat: Daniel Arsham yoga mat, $80, available at The Grey Area.

Mani: NARS Nail Polish in Night Breed, $20, available at Sephora.

Pedi: RGB in Crimson, $18, available at RGB Cosmetics.

4. The Zen Master

Mat: Zen Garden print yoga mat, $22, available at Gaiam.

Mani: Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Coral Blame, $32, available at Neiman Marcus.

Pedi: Jin Soon in Mica, $18, available at Sephora.

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5. The Geometry Class

Mat: La Vie Boheme Mandala yoga mat, $93, available at Shop Planet Blue.

Mani: OPI Gargantuan Green Grape, $9.50, available at Ulta.

Pedi: Butter London Nail Lacquer in Disco Biscuit, $15, available at Dermstore.

6. The Positive Thoughts

Mat: Affirmats Be The Good yoga mat, $68, available at Without Walls.

Mani: Nails Inc. in Princess Garden Party, $11, available at Macy's.

Pedi: LVX in Aster, $16, available at LVX.

7. The Chill Pill

Mat: Plank The Pills yoga mat, $85, available at Plank Designs.

Mani: Butter London Nail Lacquer in Pimms, $15, available at Zappos.

Pedi: Rouge Louboutin, $50, available at Nordstrom.

8. The Blues

Mat: Gaiam Dandelion Days premium yoga mat, $30, available at Gaiam.

Mani: Morgan Taylor Varsity Jacket Blues, $7, available at HB Beauty Bar.

Pedi: NCLA in A Touch of Class, $18, available at ShopNCLA,

9. The Minimalist

Mat: Adidas by Stella McCartney yoga mat, $50, available at Adidas.

Mani: RGB in Highlight, $20, available at RGB Cosmetics.

Pedi: John Russo in Be That Girl, $18, available at John Russo Beauty.

10. The Golden Shimmer

Mat: Yoga mat by Kon Trubkovich, $80, available at The Grey Area.

Mani: Deborah Lippmann in Wicked Game, $18, available at Bloomingdale's.

Pedi: Tenoverten Nail Polish in Worth, $18, available at Sephora.