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Zara T-Shirt Pulled for Resembling Holocaust Prisoner Uniforms

The company reacted quickly to customer complaints.

Spanish fast fashion retailer Zara came under fire Wednesday morning for a children's t-shirt, since pulled from its website, which closely resembled the uniforms of Jewish concentration camp prisoners. 

A tipster sent us an image of the striped t-shirt, designed for children ages three months to three years old. The large yellow star is intended to mimic an American sheriff's badge, and in fact when zoomed in, has the word "Sheriff" laser cut. But from far away, it very closely resembles the badge system used to designate Jews being held in concentration camps during World War II.

Zara was quick to respond to customer outrage, pulling the shirt and offering the following apology via its Twitter:

Zara isn't the first retailer to make this mistake; in 2012, Urban Outfitters came under fire for a shirt sold on its site which customers felt too closely resembled the uniforms.

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