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Alexa Chung Spent London Fashion Week Looking Perfect

Seriously, they should just call it "Alexa Chung Week."

We saw some pretty great stuff at London Fashion Week, but easily the best thing to happen all week was Alexa Chung's personal style

Chung is one of our favorite style stars, so it isn't surprising that she killed it at the London shows. Still, London Fashion Week isn't that long – just five days total – and still Chung packed more style into those few short days than most people do in a lifetime. They should just rename it Alexa Chung Week, honestly. It's like she has style superpowers and they hit their peak when she's back in her home base. 

The best part? She repeats several elements, from those strappy pointed-toe pumps (need) to her furry Shrimps coat (share please). Alexa Chung: Just like us ... but with more Chanel.

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