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Alexa Chung Reads Her Own Book in New Longchamp Video

As one does.

If you thought Alexa Chung’s fall 2014 Longchamp ads -- namely the brand’s Le Pliage Héritage bags -- were dreamy, just wait until you see the corresponding campaign video. 

In the new clip that made its debut on, we see Chung exploring a sun-drenched French château and doing pretty much what we’d imagine her to do in her free time: listen to her friends’ bands (or planning a DJ set) with headphones on, play dress-up, write Vogue columns on her laptop and do some light reading — in this case, of the book she recently authored, “It.” (Nothing like a little cross-promotion, eh?) Unsurprisingly, her outfits (and hair!) are enviably Chung-y throughout -- especially her sporty-chic sneakers and baseball cap. 

Our one complaint? The puppy she posed with in the print campaign apparently didn't make the clip's final cut. Womp. Watch it in full below.

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