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Altuzarra Nails the Sweet-Meets-Sexy Thing for Spring

What we've been waiting for.

When it comes to Fashion Week, there are the shows you have to go to, and then there are the shows you genuinely want to go to, and it was very clear Saturday evening that Altuzarra is one of the latter. Everyone clearly wanted to be there, squeezing into over-populated, uncomfortable benches and sacrificing the front row seats they would have gotten at less in-demand shows to see what the perennially buzzy designer had in store for spring 2015. We even saw one high-power, very recognizable stylist (politely) kick a prominent street style star and editor out of her second-row seat, and the standing section was the fullest I’ve seen this week. Needless to say, I felt very lucky to be there.

And fortunately, the clothes lived up to the excitement. Altuzarra found inspiration in two films made in the '70s: “Rosemary’s Baby” and “Barry Lyndon,” a Stanley Kubrick film set in the 1800’s.

The former inspired our favorite looks: sweet, feminine, lightweight body-skimming gingham dresses and skirt suits in soft pastels, many with open seams tied together with ribbon. The effect was delicate and pretty, with the open seams and high slits providing the sex appeal Altuzarra is known for. Also ultra-feminine: Japanese pink and red floral print dresses and skirts.

The pastels were followed by a series of more mature, striped looks that were very Altuzarra, including high-waisted below-the-knee skirts paired with button downs, shirt dresses and an awesome leather-trimmed coat. The sexiest looks came towards the end: Blouses completely open in the front, revealing most of a bra, and completely sheer black slip dresses with pearl embroidery that Carine Roitfeld will be wearing come spring (or maybe even sooner).

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In between were these architectural leather lattice tops, skirts and dresses that resembled cages — they looked cool, but weren’t the most wearable. The lush and romantic finale evening gowns were much less complicated; they were so light and forgiving that they couldn’t not be comfortable.

With a hit collection like this, a recent CFDA win and a Target collaboration imminent, 2014 is clearly Joseph Altuzarra's year, but we have a feeling the industry's affection for him won't end soon.

Click through the gallery below to see all the looks from Altuzarra's spring 2015 runway show.