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What to Expect From & Other Stories' US Launch

Cool clothing, cooler shoes and coolest beauty products.

Start making room in your closet because H&M sister brand & Other Stories is coming to the US — and it is good.

The retailer's in-house designed line will fit the needs of a practical city girl, with clothing, shoes and accessories that are interesting and still classic — the sort of things you can buy and keep in your closet for years. Quality-wise, the fabrics are higher grade than those used at H&M, which is reflected in the higher pricing. (The majority of clothing is in the $100-$300 range, with shoes and handbags around $200 and jewelry between $20 and $100.)

So why add another store to your must-shop list? Because this is the mid-range line you've been waiting for. It's not knockoffs. It's not badly made. It's not so trendy you can only wear each piece for one season, nor is it so omnipresent that every girl will be wearing it. And it's not going for a flash-in-the-pan kind of success. After previewing the brand's fall collection, which you can see in the lookbook below, I was convinced that I needed almost every item, from the high-waisted black trousers to the quirky boots, because each was just fashionable enough to be special while still being able to blend in with my normal wardrobe. 

So check out the & Other Stories lookbook below and mark down which pieces you'll be shopping at the brand's mid-October launch. 

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