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Andreja Pejic Gets Honest About Modeling and Coming Out as Transgender for Her AMA

The whole thing is incredible -- and she dishes on David Bowie.

Model Andreja Pejic, who recently came out as transgender, participated in one of Reddit's famous Ask Me Anything threads, and what she had to say was important both for the transgender movement and for the modeling industry.

Pejic says that she knew from a young age that she was a female, but that when she started in the industry, stylists liked to play with her look and often went the androgynous route. Now that she's publicly transitioned, though, she doesn't plan on modeling as a man anymore. "But if the shoot is really creative and amazing, and they want to put me in a suit, I would be open to it if it's tasteful," she says. "But I probably won't be doing it on a scale like before."

Publicly transitioning wasn't an easy decision for her, but as someone already in the spotlight, Pejic felt she could help move things forward for others. "I think there needs to be a lot more positive representation," she says. "Growing up, when I turned the TV on, the only representation of transgender people was [on] Jerry Springer, and that's horrible, so I think that's a big obstacle."

By coming out and putting together her documentary, Pejic hopes that conditions will improve for the transgender community, which often faces issues when it comes to getting jobs and healthcare. But she also wants people to understand that models are people, too. When asked what the most surprising thing is about modeling, she talks about the complete lack of privacy. "You have to be okay with being felt up constantly by the makeup artists, by stylists, it's like being a doll," Pejic says. "You can't have any feeling."

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Oh -- and if you'd like to take her on a date, she prefers Red Lobster to Olive Garden. 

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