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Andreja Pejic Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Her Documentary

Now this is something we'd want to watch.

Andreja Pejic, the model formerly known as Andrej, recently made international news when she revealed that she had undergone sexual reassignment surgery to fully transition into a woman — something she’d dreamed of since she was very young. In fact, according to a profile from Saturday’s New York Times, she began her modeling career with the hope of funding an eventual operation. 

Since Pejic rose to fame in 2010 — with her androgynous appeal helping her to secure blue-chip gigs for both menswear and womenswear — she’s been open about the hardships she faced in her youth (she grew up in a refugee camp in Serbia, for instance), though she remained mostly mum about her sexuality until her announcement back in July. Now, she's ready to share her story, and she needs our help to do it.

Pejic has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a documentary. It's being filmed by her friend Eric Miclette, who has footage that follows the model through her transition and intends to capture the next chapter of her life and career post-op, which is still very up in the air (will the fashion industry embrace her as a woman?). Since launching on Saturday, the campaign has raised over $17,000 (with a goal of $200,000), and the money will be put towards securing distribution, licensing, a travel budget and legal fees. There's still a stigma surrounding transgender individuals, and Pejic hopes that completion of this documentary will not only help raise awareness, but also help engender respect for her community.

Watch the trailer for the Kickstarter campaign below, and in the meantime, keep your eye out for Pejic (who is repped by The Society) on the runways during Fashion Month — we can't wait to see her make her first official appearance as a woman.

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