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Anti-Acne Face Masks Take Over Apple iPhone 6 Line

Pretty clever product placement, if you ask us.

New York City customers eager to get their sweaty mitts on the latest and greatest iPhone (the 6, or the 6 Plus, in case you live under a rock) suddenly found themselves in an LED-tinged haze on Thursday night as people in glowing face masks took over the space. Was it a futuristic nightmare? Robots come from the future to warn us of our increasing dependence on technology? The latest in cool Apple gear? Daft Punk come for a free performance?


It was an acne-fighting mask. Because #synergy #tech #iPhone6 etc.

The Anti-Acne Illumask became the latest tech company to take advantage of a captive audience by handing out these LED face masks to people waiting in line. And because those people love tech, they put them on. I bet underneath, those people don't even have acne. It's like they don't even know they're beautiful

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Coincidentally, we already tried the Illumask! We're #trendsetters.