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Band of Outsiders's New Store Is Even Cooler Than We Expected

Meet your new favorite SoHo spot.

If there's one designer with the ability to turn conceptual ideas in to practical realities without forsaking any charm, it's Band of Outsiders's Scott Sternberg. He's built his brand around a high concept but easy to wear riff on classic American sportswear – and the good news is, he's built his first New York store with the same mentality.

The large Wooster street space hits all the notes a retail store needs to: It's perfectly merchandised, organized, spacious and reflective of the brand's aesthetic without falling into any retail tropes. There are no mannequins in the storefront and no window decor gimmicks. The large windows at the front open straight into the store and showcase a gigantic "Pierrot le fou" mural on the store's back wall. The products, which are arranged meticulously, are folded into steamer trunks or hanging from rods – both of which can be rearranged at a moment's notice. 

"I wanted it to be something that was extremely modern, but also familiar in a way," explained Sternberg at the store's opening party on Saturday, "so working with materials like this steamer trunk/road case technology that we've kind of seen before but in a new way. I wanted it to be totally modular, so everything's on wheels. All the wall cases fold up into themselves. Everything can move around, all the rods move, so the store can change with the collection, with a whim, with the season, any of that stuff, so we can use this space, which is pretty spectacular, for events, dinners or anything." (Fun fact: The store space was actually where Band of Outsiders presented its fall 2014 collection, and photographed its spring 2015 collection)

See pictures from last night's opening party -- Jason Schwartzman was there! -- in the gallery below, and get yourself to Band of Outsiders's new store stat. 

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Band of Outsiders: 70 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10012