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CFDA Designers Are the Best at Barbies

Creative minds make for very creative Barbie backstories.

The scene at the Barbie x CFDA party in the Meatpacking District was very pink. But what else would you expect from a fête celebrating the girliest girl of them all? 

The event was held to celebrate designs by Whit, Cynthia Vincent, Charlotte Ronson, Tess Giberson and Rebecca Taylor for the iconic doll, while simultaneously applauding an app that will allow for Barbie fans to create designs for the doll themselves and print them on special fabrics being released this fall. 

In the pink tent, CFDA CEO Steven Kolb posed with a Barbie (adorably, natch), while some of the designers filled us in on their favorite Barbie games to play as children. Of all the stories we heard, Whitney Pozgay, the designer of Whit, had the best, because unlike most adults we know, her Barbie had an extremely organized and productive existence. 

"I was really into working for some reason, so Barbie went to work a lot... Barbie was an actress, and in the circus and a designer. She had a lot of jobs," explained Pozgay. "My bunk bed was Barbie's apartment – she lived on the bottom and Ken lived on the top – and they would have dates on the veranda. They were conservative, they didn't live together, but they had a lot of dinners." So, yeah, Pozgay's childhood Barbie had the Woody-and-Mia-across-the-park dream life you wish you had, plus a fruitful career. Is it safe to be jealous of a doll?

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