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Why You Should Use Eye Shadow in Your Hair

Stay with me, now.

Everyone loves a creative hack. In the beauty world, there are tons of time-saving, money-saving ways to re-purpose products, plus techniques you can try that don't require you to have the makeup brush prowess of Pat McGrath. For this feature, we will pick the brains of beauty's best and brightest to try to make your life easier.

A few weeks ago I grabbed coffee with Dean Fournier, the head artist of cosmetics brand Lorac, and he was a font of beauty hack knowledge. (A Lor-hack? Sorry.) For example, he swears that Arm & Hammer's Advance White Toothpaste with Baking Soda and Peroxide -- he was very specific about the brand -- will dry up a breakout in two nights flat.

But wait, there’s more! Fournier had a pretty clever trick for making your hair line look a little bit more groomed. “What?” you say in disbelief. “A makeup artist giving out hair hacks?” Yes, it’s true. And this one is borrowed from his skills in eyebrow maintenance.

“When doing a tight pony tail or up-do, use a matte eye shadow that matches your hair color to shade the skin lightly to create the perfect hairline or to fill in any tight areas in the hair to make it appear fuller,” he advises.

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Before you scoff, I actually tried this. My hair is at baby bob length right now, and I have enough in back to pull it into a stubby pony. But I have a weird baby hair situation on the left side of my forehead, which makes my hairline look uneven compared to the right.  I put on some moisturizing serum, then mixed “Buff” and "Light Brown" from Lorac’s fabulous new Pro Palette 2. I brushed on the shadow while the serum was still a bit tacky, and blended. It was subtle, but could be a great trick for photos. 

The downside of learning this technique? All I notice now are people's uneven hairlines.

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