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10 Models to Follow on Instagram During New York Fashion Week

Now 'gramming live from the trenches...

New York Fashion Week has arrived! Huzzah. Live streams are a great way for those tuning in from home to catch the action in real time, but when you want behind-the-scenes access, the correct option is Instagram. Specifically, models' Instagram accounts. Who better to document the backstage madness than the ones sitting in hair and makeup?

Here, we've rounded up the best models, new and old, to add to your Instagram feed this fashion week. These are the girls with the most personality, photographic talent and sense of humor. Live from the trenches of NYFW, we've got...

Gigi Hadid

The angel-faced "Real Housewives" spawn has spent the last year booking top-notch editorial and campaign work (see: CR Fashion Book, Tom Ford everything). Here's what it looks like to be Gigi Hadid: Private plane flights, beach days, horses, Carine Roitfeld. Normal.

Louise Parker

Louise Parker has been doubling as a photographer for a while now, filling her personal site with (beautiful) documentation of her life as a model. Her Instagram feed is more lighthearted: Throwback photos of her alpine racing days, angsty layover selfies and screen grabs of her parents testing out their new drone. 

Malaika Firth

When she's not posting photos of her recent editorial work, the Burberry campaign girl is taking selfies with her younger family members, which is just way too cute. This girl's got heart.

Kendall Jenner

Nobody self-promotes like a Kardashian. This is the best place to watch the play-by-play of Kendall Jenner's fashion world takeover, and after a great first season in February (Marc Jacobs, Chanel, etc.), we're all watching to see which shows the model nabs this time around.

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Georgia Hilmer

This catwalker's Instagram bio reads "Model citizen," but really it's more like "Model Instagram photographer." This feed has everything: Muted pictures of pear ginger muffins she just made, an aerial view of "The Hours" and a crossword puzzle lying on a rumpled bed, selfies with plants. 

Adesuwa Pariyapasat

Because Instagram is about levity in addition to pretty pictures, you're going to want to add Adesuwa Pariyapasat, whose excellent, often self-deprecating sense of humor that leads her to do things like post side-by-side photos of herself and E.T. wearing matching hoodies, for instance. The caption on the below photo reads: "Tryna make fetch happen w these cycling shirts #ootd of a model who hasn't done laundry #swerve"

Josephine Skriver

The general sense you get from Josephine Skriver's Instagram account is that this girl is just so goddamn cool. One minute she's ATV mud racing and hanging out in a shark cage with Jaws lurking in the background, and the next she's serving up Gisele-grade supermodel-in-the-sand poses. 

Anna Speckhart

Do you like selfies? Prove it. Anna Speckhart's feed is an endless stream of bright blue peepers, and we really don't hate it.

Anya Lyagoshina

Best bangs in the business. Hands down. Aside from using Anya Lyagoshina's Instagram as a constant source of hairspiration, we recommend following for her stunning snaps of her travels and model-y escapades.

Sarah Douglas (a.k.a. "Doug")

The female model known as Doug could pretty well shoot for the magazine "Kinfolk" if she wanted to. Her Instagram comprises finds like a moss-covered bridge ("#rambling"), pup tents in the backyard and oatmeal dotted with fruit, all cast in a yellowed, vintage light. We can't wait to see what she does with Fashion Week.