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Carolina Herrera Is Happy to Show at Lincoln Center

"I think this square is so beautiful," the designer said of the venue.

The day before fashion week officially kicked off, before the hoards of hopeful street style stars and photographers swarmed to turn Lincoln Center's plaza into a bi-annual fashion circus, Carolina Herrera took a moment to soak in the calm, sun-filled scene at a luncheon held in her honor. 

If her peers are leaving Lincoln Center, Herrera isn't concerned with it -- she's returning to the tents to show her spring 2015 collection on Monday. "I stay for one reason: Because I think this square is so beautiful," the designer said, gesturing out at the fountain. "They have music, they have ballet, they have opera, and now they have the fashion. What else do you want? I find it incredibly beautiful."

Herrera was taking a quick break from putting the finishing touches on her collection to be honored by FIT, which presented the American fashion icon with its Couture Council Award for Artistry of Fashion Award. And if Herrera has found the women of New York City to be dressed "horrendous" of late, she needn't have worried about that on Wednesday -- plenty of impeccably dressed women, including celebrity devotées Renée Zellweger and Lucy Liu, came out en masse wearing Herrera's designs. 

"I always say that I am more in the beauty business than fashion because I like the women who wear Herrera to look really fabulous, and that implies the whole thing," she said of her customers. The secret to dressing chic, according to Herrera? "If it doesn't make you look well in it, don't wear it! Wear something that makes you look beautiful."

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