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Charlotte Gainsbourg Proves Why She's Ghesquière's Muse in Louis Vuitton

Just when you thought you were sick of crop tops.

There's a reason that Charlotte Gainsbourg is one of the most well-loved and inspiring style stars among the fashion crowd — she just looks so damn cool all the time. One person in particular is quite taken with the French actress and singer (and daughter of Jane Birkin), and that's Nicolas Ghesquière, who enlisted Gainsbourg as the face and muse of Balenciaga during his years as creative director there.

Now that Ghesquière is at Louis Vuitton, the duo is continuing to make red carpet magic together, and Gainsbourg wore a custom-made two-piece look by Vuitton to the "3 Coeurs" premiere at the Venice Film Festival. The actress doesn't often do sparkle, but she gave the embroidered silk look a touch of her signature relaxed, mussed-up style by going without jewelry and a simple, undone hairdo. If you were hoping that the crop top was on its way out (like a certain Ms. Herrera), this will probably make you reconsider.

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