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Dagne Dover is looking for a rockstar Marketing Manager in NYC

Candidates should have their finger on the pulse of what’s going on in e-commerce, fashion and marketing communities

Dagne Dover, a luxury handbag company focused on solving women’s biggest handbag problems, is looking for their Marketing Manager. Candidates should have 3+ years of relevant, hands-on marketing experience, whether it’s in art direction, advertising, media production, branding or digital content. Analytical skills and/or additional experience in direct response marketing, web analytics, and/or email marketing are big pluses. 

Candidates should have their finger on the pulse of what’s going on in e-commerce, fashion and marketing communities.

Areas of ownership:

• Email campaigns + website homepage refreshes

   o You would be in charge of email and website homepage refresh messaging. You’d work with the copywriter to finesse the branding, tone, and messaging to make sure your call-to-action points are on-brand and impactful. You would also determine appropriate email segmentation for each campaign and tailor the messaging according to that particular audience. You would also work with the creative team to make sure the graphics were on-point.

• Campaigns within influencer communities

   o You would be in charge of campaigns targeted at communities of bloggers, vloggers, college influencers and editors. You’d determine gifting, additional “add-in” products to fill the bags with, types of campaigns, appropriate duration of campaigns, and of course, impact of each campaign. You would build trusting relationships with these influencers, who should feel like natural brand ambassadors of Dagne Dover. You would determine how to keep them motivated and how to amplify each influencer’s message, and therefore, each campaign over all.

• Dagne Mag content strategy

   o You would be in charge of setting the content strategy for Dagne Mag so that it drives SEO traffic to our site. We want to post on things that are super searchable and super relevant to what’s going on in the world so that we people find our brand. We are built on Tumblr so that we can leverage the Tumblr community. While most of the articles for 2014 are pre-written, you would have the ability to impact the delivery of the articles, and of course, build the content from scratch Jan 2015 on. Fantastic writing abilities are a plus.

• Social media strategy

   o   You would be in charge of social media growth. Our goal is to plan out each platform’s growth so that we get our awareness out there before this holiday season.

• In-person events

   o We have several categories of trunk shows that we’re setting up, starting this fall. You would be in charge of planning our marketing needs (space, inventory, marketing collateral, promotional items, etc) for all of the following events.

   o 1) college trunk shows

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   o 2) office trunk shows

   o 3) other trunk shows/events for our DD fanbase

   o 4) a holiday pop-up shop, involving an opening night party where we will invite bloggers and editors

• Dagne Dover presence in boutiques

   o We are looking to set up a presence in several boutiques -- especially on the eastcoast -- starting with NYC. You would need to scout out an appropriate boutique, determine the appropriate incentive program for the store, as well as the sales reps, and then we would need to design product knowledge cards that would comprehensively cover our brand, products, etc. so that sales staff are totally prepared to sell our product. We’d have to determine the best way to execute this, while controlling our branding as much as possible.

• Sales channel planning

   o We need to plan out our businesses through our various sales channels -- online site, trunk shows, pop-up shop, bulk orders (for clients or employees -- especially around holiday), and additional sales opportunities.

Cultural fit:

• You’re a scrappy, creative thinker who can work on tight deadlines and tight budgets

• You have an unending list of big ideas that will fuel follower growth, sales and brand awareness

• You’re a self-starter who can manage your own schedule and workload

• You thrive in a fast-paced environment

• You are able to juggle tasks and prioritize assignments

• You are proactive. If you see something that isn’t working, you fix it!

In addition to your resume, please include a visual one-sheeter of who you are – your work experience, education, who you are personally and why you’re interested in Dagne Dover, specifically. Ideally, you would also create a deck addressing your relevant experience for each of these areas of responsibility (and the results you were able to garnish from those experiences) so that we could get a visual overview of why we should be confident in your abilities to take on these huge responsibilities. Please submit the requested to Melissa Mash - with the subject line Marketing Manager.