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David Beckham Might Be Done Posing in His Undies

Worst news EVER, cancel EVERYTHING.

Get ready to have your entire day -- nay, life -- ruined: David Beckham is saying he might be hanging up his tighty-whiteys for good. 

In the A/W 2014 issue of Another Man, Beckham says, "I'm getting older now, I'm not sure too many people want to see me parading around in my underwear much longer." 

WRONG, David. You are so wrong. He says that while his body is "still okay," aka the understatement of the century, he thinks it's "only going to be a matter of time" before people tire of seeing him mostly naked. "I'm 39 years old, I've got four kids, I'm not sure people are comfortable with that anymore."

We are, David. We are more than comfortable with that, and we're just taking a shot in the dark here, but we're guessing your wife Victoria is cool with it too. Like a fine wine, you are just getting better with age, Becks. As the Spice Girls once said, "Never give up on the good times." 

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