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Dior Gets a New Show Venue, 'America's Next Top Model' Reaches New Low

The lowest of low, really.

New York Fashion Week might be going on now, but we've got Paris Fashion Week on the mind. Across the Atlantic, Raf Simons has chosen a new show venue for Dior: the Cour Carrée at the Louvre. The square courtyard at the center of the iconic museum was formerly the locale of the Louis Vuitton shows, which have since moved to the Foundation Louis Vuitton designed by Frank Ghery. Time to update your car service requests! {WWD}

Just when you thought the makeover section of America's Next Top Model couldn't get any worse, Tyra Banks goes and gives one contestant a fake beard. A. Fake. Beard. He doesn't seem that into it, probably because he has synthetic hair glued to his face. {Vulture}

The real reason that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their daughter North? Basically, Pharrell and Anna Wintour are to blame. The musician and Vogue EIC both separately told KimYe that North was a great name, leading them to consider it for real. So next time you eat ice cream for dinner or name your pet "Coagulate," just say it's because Pharrell and Anna Wintour told you to. {Who What Wear}

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