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Olé! Dolce & Gabbana's Spanish Matadors Close Out Milan Fashion Week

Oh, hey, Kendall Jenner, nice to see you again.

The Dolce & Gabbana show is the unofficial closing ceremony of Milan Fashion Week. Without fail, it's a joyful celebration of fashion, and, usually, some part of Italy's cultural history.

On Sunday, it was a send up of Sicily... again. This time, however, the duo focused specifically on Spain's infiltration of the island and how the Spanish influenced Sicilian culture.

The resulting show was more immediately recognizable as Spanish -- thanks in part to a soundtrack of flamenco music -- than Sicilian, though there were certainly traces of both cultures, as well as your standard Dolce & Gabbana fare. We saw nods to matador outfits in cropped, embroidered jackets, high-waisted pants and, more often, super-short bloomers. Models even wore matching traditional bullfighting shirts for the show's signature triumphant finale. Kendall Jenner was positioned front and center amongst the 60+ models.

Aside from the matador looks, there were plenty of Dolce & Gabbana mainstays: Masterfully embroidered and bejeweled girly dresses, tiered high-waisted skirts, fitted lace dresses, polka dots and beautiful brocades, all in a color palette of black, white and red. At times, things were a bit costumey, but isn't that the fun of a Dolce show?

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