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Bye Bye, Braids: Meet the Hair Lanyard

It's basically the friendship bracelet of runway hair.

A mere two hours after I published a story about how "real" and "normal" runway hair has been this week, hair stylist Eugene Souleiman went and bought up all the hair extensions NYC had to offer in order to bring us this totally not-realistic masterpiece he created for Donna Karan's show. 

Get your clicking fingers ready, because it's possibly the most Pinterest-friendly thing I've seen this week.  When Souleiman showed us the look on his iPad, someone said to him, "What a gorgeous braid!" And he retorted, "It's not a braid." After some discussion, the group of beauty editors decided that it was a "hair lanyard." It's the friendship bracelet of runway hair. Souleiman said: 

It’s really sharp and clean from the front, midway over the ears. It’s serious because the clothes are NOT serious. The collection is based on Spanish Harlem and graffiti. I wanted to do something that felt very Spanish, almost flamenco.  We’re giving these girls the abundance of hair that a Hispanic woman would have. There’s like two packs of weave that is going in there. It’s seriously fat. We’re really jacking up the hair. It’s something that looks unusual but not weird. It’s still beautiful. That’s the hardest thing to do.

It takes two people to do the technique properly. Here's a video I took (on Kendall Jenner, no less). Good luck. 

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