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Elle Fanning Looks Even Better as a Brunette


Elle Fanningreal-life Disney princess, fashion favorite, star of Opening Ceremony's NYFW play — is a blonde no more. The younger Fanning debuted a blunt auburn cut on Sunday at the premiere of "The Boxtrolls." It rocks.

Not that I didn't like Fanning's platinum hair while she had it. It was part and parcel of her pretty, ethereal aesthetic. But the darker shade just works so dang well with her pinkish coloring. As a pale, pink undertoned blonde myself, I say this from a place of love and empathy, not judgment: Without a good eyeliner or lipstick to define things, our faces kind of... disappear. Thanks to the auburn, her lovely features immediately pop.

The new cut, paired with a sleek all-black outfit from Oscar de la Renta, is also decidedly more grown-up than her past looks in a '90s-cool-girl kind of way. (That said, let's all just remember that Fanning is just 16, so no need to rush her into premature adulthood here.) 

Let's hope she keeps the look well beyond whatever role she might have done it for.

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