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Here's a Video of Elle Fanning Being Adorable at the Opening Ceremony Show


Of all of the things we saw this week, Elle Fanning portraying a bright-eyed, fresh-outta-the-Midwest model at Opening Ceremony's presentation was probably the best. (She also sang a live rendition of Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home," which should really go down in some sort of Fashion Week history book.) The OC play's director, Spike Jonze, decided to film Fanning's backstage antics during the rehearsals, and the result is this adorable music video, which was meant to be a surprise for his dear friend Karen O. to celebrate her new album, "Crush Songs." Jonze wrote the following note to accompany the clip:

So on Sunday, during a ten-minute break as we were rehearsing and lighting at the Met, we made a very impromptu "music video” for Karen in the spirit of her album. It just seemed like if you have the Opera House, that song, and Elle Fanning together, you shouldn't let the opportunity go by. So we made this as a surprise gift for Karen to congratulate her on her album. She is going to see this for the first time as you do. I hope you enjoy.

Talk about ending a whirlwind week on a high note. Watch the video below.

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