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The Celebrities Fashion Week Ignored

If you are not famed for your twerking, fashion people just don't really care.
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Back in the day, the appearance of a celebrity at Fashion Week was the equivalent of seeing a unicorn in the wild. Famous celebs were mobbed by papparazzi, reporters and fans in the front row, and designers shilled out big bucks to ensure their show was attended by the biggest names. 

And while the designers might still be paying for celebrities to attend their shows, the press surrounding celebrity sightings has become almost invisible – with two marked exceptions: female pop stars and the cast of "Orange is the New Black." Each Rihanna and Nicki Minaj sighting – and there were many – was chronicled extensively on every form of social media. The OITNB cast popped up in street style photos and got interviewed on TV and online, and Miley Cyrus was easily the most clamored about celebrity of the week thanks to her jewelry collaboration with Jeremy Scott. 

But where does this leave the rest of the celebs at Fashion Week? Cast out and forgotten. While Whoopi Goldberg drew some Twitter chatter over her multiple appearances (including Jeremy Scott?!) and Jessica Chastain popped up in some Instagrams, most celebrities flew completely under the radar. (Really, did anyone even see Rooney Mara at Calvin Klein?!)

Below, a review of all the celebrities who sat front row at fashion week that you probably missed. 

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