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Frame Denim Continues Brand Expansion for Spring 2015

Because what goes better with jeans than cashmere?

In just under two years on the retail scene, Frame Denim has gathered a cult following of fashion insiders and celebrities thanks to its high quality (duh) jeans. Last season, the brand introduced t-shirts to the mix, and now, it's hoping loyal fans will follow them further into more new categories. 

For spring 2015, the label is introducing knits and leather pieces into the line. Frame Denim first tried leather with two pieces in the resort 2015 collection, adding in jogging shorts and a leather jacket for warmer weather. And then there are the knit pieces, rendered in the lightest, softest cashmere. "When we started thinking about sweaters, we thought cashmere was the most luxurious thing we could do and still be accessible to everybody in terms of price point," brand Design Director Nico Peyrache explains. 

While introducing these new categories, it helps that Frame kept the color palette simple for a second season running. Where fall was all about black, spring was a study in clean whites and a feeling of brightness. There are a few pieces to add punch — like knits in the palest whisper of pink — and classic striped shirts. "I'm French, and I felt the influence with white is that every girl wants to wear a stripe with white for spring," Peyrache says. "It's very St. Tropez for me."

Also new to the lineup is the Grand Garçon, the brand's first true boyfriend jean, which co-founder Erik Torstensson says took two years to develop. "We're constantly developing shapes but most things we don't put out," co-founder Jens Grede explains. "We have things we experiment and work with, and when we get it right we put it out there."

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Torstensson still adamantly credits the brand's seemingly-overnight success to the big "O"— organic growth. "You'd be surprised, especially coming from marketing, how organic it is," he says. "We're not stressing anything — we have a vision, a big idea of what Frame can and will be, but it's step by step."

"We're very fiercely protective over Frame, and our followers that embraced us early on, and those are the women we cater to and keep in mind when we design," Grede adds. "I think if you love what you do, people will find it and enjoy it."

Photos: Soraya Zaman/Frame Denim