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Eliza's Friday Night Face Mask

Because it's the freakin' weekend.

Hi! It's Friday afternoon, meaning you're probably going to be doing one of a few things in a few hours:

A) Going to the club. Or maybe a bar for a more casual night out

B) Eating Thai food while lying horizontal on the couch, with the container sitting on your stomach

I'm not going to say which one I'm doing! But in either case, a really awesome thing to do for your end-of-week face — you know, the one that looks like you, only gross and tired — is to do a face mask. You can want to look your best for Netflix, too.

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My current favorite is Missha's First Treatment Essence sheet mask, which is the direct result of me buying into the current Korean skincare craze in a big way. Cheryl, our beauty editor, very kindly passed a bunch of masks along to me right before New York Fashion Week started, and I tested them out over the course of the week. This one was by far the best, making my skin look bright and hydrated — even during the week when I am the worst to my skin (endless coffee, endless mini Dove chocolates). 

The only qualm that I have with it is that it's really good. So you'll want to buy more. 

Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment face mask, $24.90 for two, available at Yes Style.

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