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10 Shows Gemma Ward Could Walk at Paris Fashion Week

Where will we see the model pop up?

To be perfectly honest, we're still reeling from the sight of Gemma Ward on the Prada runway. The Aussie model's departure from the industry in 2008 left a gaping hole in the modeling world for otherworldly beauties, and heralded in the trend for more commercial faces. I'm hoping Ward's return will bring back some of the magic of the early aughts in the modeling and the fashion worlds. 

And while she's sure to pop up in editorials in spring glossies, we still have hope that she'll appear on one (or more) runways this season. The evidence? This tweet from her agency IMG:

With only Paris Fashion Week left on the schedule, we mapped out the shows we think might feature Ward, and included the likeliness of spotting here there on a scale from one to 10, one being the least and 10 being the most. 


Pros: Ward has posed for several Balenciaga ads in her past, including spring 2006 and fall 2004. The house is also famous for getting big name models onto the runway for its shows. 

Cons: Ward has no history of working with Alexander Wang, who came to prominence just after Ward took a break from modeling in 2008.

Likeliness She'll Walk: 6

Louis Vuitton

Pros: Vuitton has the same casting director as Prada, Ashley Brokaw, so it would make sense for Brokaw to bring Ward with her to Vuitton. Add Ward's relationship with Nicolas Ghesquirère into the mix (and the fact that she has a Vuitton campaign under her belt) and this one seems pretty obvious. 

Cons: Uh, none?

Likeliness She'll Walk: 9


Pros: Karl Lagerfeld never forgets a model he lets hold the Chanel tennis racquet. Plus, the Chanel show is the type of elaborate affair that would perfectly sync with Ward's return to the PFW runways. 

Cons: Ward will have to share the runway with today's top models, and might even get overshadowed when Cara Delevingne kisses Karl. 

Likeliness She'll Walk: 8

Miu Miu

Pros: It's Prada's sister brand and has a lot of high fashion appeal. 

Cons: It's Prada's sister brand which means her appearance might be expected, and we know model agents and casting directors love some good shock value. 

Likeliness She'll Walk: 7

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Alexander McQueen

Pros: Gemma Ward and Alexander McQueen just go together well. The dreamy house and its creations complement Ward's beauty perfectly. Plus, who doesn't want to relive this moment?!

Cons: Models in the McQueen show are usually obscured by the hair and makeup ... not ideal for a model in the middle of a serious comeback. 

Likeliness She'll Walk: 5


Pros: Ward has appeared in her fair share of Dior ads (spring 2007 is above) and on basically every Dior catwalk between 2005 and 2007. 

Cons: That was when the house was under John Galliano's direction, and by the looks of Raf Simons's Dior runways, he favors a more pointed bone structure on his models. 

Likeliness She'll Walk: 5


Pros: The Lanvin show is always a show-stopping affair filled with Alber Elbaz's favorite models, and Ward has been among his most used faces since her early aughts heyday. 

Cons: If Ward is only going to walk one show at PFW, it's probably not going to be Lanvin. 

Likeliness She'll Walk: 3


Pros: "Gemma Ward is like the epitome of Chloé." - Alyssa Vingan / everyone at Fashionista

Cons: Ward walked at Chloé during Phoebe Philo's tenure at the house. Now that Philo is gone, we're not sure if she's likely to go back. 

Likeliness She'll Walk: 3


Pros: Ward has a long history with Phoebe Philo dating back to her Chloé days. And Céline loves a good casting surprise. 

Cons: With the brand's über-minimal aesthetic, Ward might not make sense with the rest of the models cast. 

Likeliness She'll Walk: 2