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Watch Gisele Fight Off Her Haters in New Under Armour Campaign

Just in case you needed further proof that the Brazilian supermodel is a total badass.

As someone who works on the Internet, I know first-hand that the criticism thrown around by (mainly anonymous) commenters can be downright cruel. Someone else who's likely dealt with this in spades is Gisele Bündchen, who was recently named the first non-(professional) athlete star of Under Armour's women's campaign, inspiring naysayers to doubt her worth as the face of a high-performance activewear brand.

In accordance with Under Armour's "I Will What I Want" theme, Bündchen's full ad — which first debuted on The Cut — sees the impressively fit model demonstrating her kickboxing training as comments (some positive, though mostly negative) flash behind her. The brand sums up its message thusly: "Gisele knows what it means to live under the microscope, amongst the noise of contradicting opinions. But will beats noise." In the minute-long spot, Bündchen definitely disproves any claims she's not a true athlete, and the only thing that's more inspiring than her attitude: her abs. Damn.

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