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Eliza's Super Fun Halloween Socks

Not sorry.

Guys, Topman is a veritable CORNUCOPIA of Halloween-themed clothing right now. Is it your most complete resource for all things spooky this time of year? No. That would be the costume-in-a-bag store that just opened on Broadway. But it's really good.

Just as a lot of people are willing to get behind bad Christmas sweaters, I'm a big fan of wearing clothing done up with skeletons and pumpkins and candy corn for the entire month of October. This year hit me harder than most — I think it's kickback against minimalist dressing at work. (Or the DEVIL.)

Anyway, I popped into Topman this week, as one does, and discovered all sorts of great Halloween things: A black knit sweater with little white bats dancing all over it, a onesie printed with bones and a whole array of wonderful socks, because nothing says whimsy like a fun sock. And guess what, they're three for $15. A great deal on holiday fun. 

My recommendation would be to go with the ones that say "REAL CREEPY," along with some not-at-all scary monsters and maybe a stressed-out looking Dracula for good measure. 'Cause that's classic.

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Topman Halloween socks, 3 for $15, available at Topman.