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Hermès Bag Sells for Over $180k at Auction

That buys you a nice house in most suburban areas.

Well, this is certainly one way to take the investment piece to the next level: An Hermès Birkin sold at auction on Tuesday for $185,000.

The bag, sold through Heritage Auction in Los Angeles, was pretty rare. Made of matte Himlayan Nilo, the bag featured 18k gold hardware and 242 diamonds with a total weight of 9.84 carats, so it's at least a little bit fancier than your run of the mill Birkin. Still, $185k will buy you a house — a nice house, at that — in a lot of markets.

It's not even the most expensive bag to sell at auction. That honor goes to — you guessed it! — a different Birkin that sold in 2011 for $203,150.

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