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Dhani's Pore-Shrinking Mask

Another Korean beauty product you need to try.

While in Singapore covering fashion week this past spring (I know my job is sooo boring), I was on the hunt for unusual beauty products that aren't very available here in the States. I wound up picking up this clay mask by Korean brand Innisfree on the recommendation of a Singaporean and it is one of those rare products that both a) isn't expensive and b) actually works. Apparently, volcano ash (one of the key ingredients) comes cheap these days.

You're supposed to use it one to two times per week, but I had been skimping until a dermatologist told me I have enlarged pores (the horror), so I've vowed to start using it a least once a week and I swear my pores truly are getting smaller. Plus, the idea of having volcano ash on my face for 10 minutes is pretty fun.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, $14.81, available at Amazon.

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