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Opening Ceremony Designed a Smart Bracelet With Intel

Wear-a-bles! Wear-a-bles!

Remember back in 2012 when Diane Von Furstenberg sent her models down the runway wearing Google Glass in addition to their wrap dresses? It drew oohs and aahs and lols and loud wtfs, which may have drowned out the main point: It was a harbinger of things to come.

With the wearable tech launches flying at us with growing frequency — in the last two weeks alone, we've written about a biometric shirt from Ralph Lauren and a sleek phone-charging bracelet — it's no surprise that Fashion Week would bring more news from the space. Now we have a smart bracelet from Opening Ceremony and Intel, a project Intel and the CFDA first announced at CES back in January.

Called the MICA bracelet (that would be "My Intelligent Communication Accessory," which sounds kind of like a well-mannered robotic butler), the bracelet shows text messages, meeting alerts and general notifications. You know, your basic smartwatch fare. The two styles come in black and white watersnake, decked out in either pearls and lapis or tiger's eye and obsidian. Pretty fitting for a bangle that will retail at Barneys and Opening Ceremony by holiday. 

Of course, Opening Ceremony is going to be upstaged in a big way just two days after its show: Apple has an announcement planned for September 9, when it is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 and iWatch. Given how much the tech company has been hiring from the luxury space in the months leading up to the debut of its smartwatch, this is the wearable launch to watch. 

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