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Did Jeremy Scott Hi-Jack (-o'-Lantern) ASOS's Design?

Probably not, but MAYBE.

Jeremy Scott's inspirations aren't always the most original. In fall 2013, he appeared to have been "influenced" by California artist Jimbo Phillips and his monster skateboard designs. For his first Moschino resort collection this summer, Scott borrowed from his own archives. And now, for his namesake line's spring 2015 collection, it's... ASOS?

Look 45 of Scott's latest outing featured a bright orange sweater with a jack-o'-lantern motif -- which is kind of weird in itself, because spring is usually the time of year you stow away your kooky autumnal-themed clothing. But I digress.

The actual weird thing about Scott's pumpkin pullover is that ASOS -- as in, the e-commerce site that's made a name for itself knocking off designers -- was selling basically the exact same sweater around this time last year. Some quick Googling led me to the now-obsolete product page for the sold-out men's "Halloween Pumpkin Sweater."

Granted, an orange top with a Halloween-y visage isn't the most unique of ideas -- I'm pretty sure babies have been sporting the look since circa 1745, but they typically aren't produced for spring/summer. And you can't deny the extreme similarities between Mr. Scott's design and ASOS's -- which, by the way, was most recently retailing for $15.23, down from $53.32.

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