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Joe Zee is Team Normcore

But knows how to do it in a cool way.

As the fall Style Ambassador for Old Navy, Joe Zee is expert at making casual clothing look chic. Case-in-point: his blue on blue ensemble at the Old Navy + Joe Zee party that took place on Thursday night. Zee posed with Katie Holmes (who also had a normcore thing going on, though her take was more "Banal Plus" than white sport socks and Adidas slides) at the event, and spent time chatting with his fans and former boss Robbie Myers. 

As a personal devotee of all thing normcore, I had to ask Zee about his personal style. The good news is that when I posed the question, "Normcore: Yay or nay?" he responded with an exclamatory "Oh, always! Look at me!" 

But how to dress casual and not look like a slob? Zee explained, "My mantra is 'comfort chic,' so you have to be comfortable but you have to be chic. It's not impossible – it's absolutely possible, and I think the campaign is an example of that. Everything feels very relaxed, but it feels very stylish and pulled together at the same time. I think the biggest thing is really about the mix. For me it's like if you want to wear a big oversized sweater then wear it with a '40s skirt. If you want to wear a relaxed shirt then pair it with a fitted jean. It's all about the contrast in the way that you wear something that you can feel a bit more pulled together." 

So there you have it, normcore is here and it's pretty chic. 

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